Management and Optmization

Grow your business and income with exclusive features.

Visualize your campaigns the way you want: active or inactive, CTR, spent or what interests you the most.

Optimized display of campaigns and ads allows quick decisions to be made with the on / off button.

Its automation rules can be created and configured to be automatically activated later according to the needs of the users. This will seek, improve ROI, visibility and achieve all its objectives.

App Screenshot Campaign Performance Feature Optimize
Your performance at a glance!

Choose your next ad placements based on your performance.

Optimize at your fingertips

The on / off buttons and more options, will optimize your campaigns along with the rules of easy configuration of automation.

Time Machine

Verify each optimization performed on your account by you or your co-worker.

Questions our clients ask ...

The answer is yes!

We are several account managers who work for the same client. Can I see a change made by one of my colleagues?

With Time Machine, you can follow each optimization and creation made by your co-workers to clearly see every change made to the account.

Can I see the KPIs and update the parameters of the campaigns in the same tab?

With AdsOutLoud ™, get a clear view of the performance of your campaigns. Analyze and optimize your campaigns at a glance.

Can I manage multiple content discovery networks from AdsOutLoud?

Contact us and let's talk about your needs so we can see how to integrate the networks you need. Currently, AdsOutLoud allows you to manage your campaigns from major content discovery networks, such as Outbrain.

Can I extract a report with the data of my campaigns?

You can select the time period and export data at any time.

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