Customizable Dashboard

Make it yours!

Customize your dashboard to match your goals. Do you want the executive summary without the details? Add what you want to your dashboard so you can see the KPIs that interest you.

See a snapshot of your performance enhanced by graphics to make it easier to visualize and ignore the data you do not want to see.

In companies with data overload, we want relevance, and that is what we offer, relevant KPIs and easy-to-read graphs.

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Connect your preferred ad networks to your AdsOutLoud access and see all your campaign metrics in one place.

Collect information quickly

Run the right decisions to effectively access the relevant data that really matter for your business, quickly and in an organized interface.

All KPIs in one place

Brand, publisher, agency? We cover you. All your KPIs at a glance, with no need to change.

Questions our clients ask ...

The answer is yes!

Can we manage multiple accounts, specific information per campaign account and ads?

With AdsOutLoud, you can have a clear view of all your KPIs and select the period of time you want. The board is totally intuitive and many tables and graphics allow you to have a perfect view of all your data.

I work for clients with several objectives, is it possible to customize my panel to be able to choose the most relevant KPIs?

With AdsOutLoud, your board is completely customized according to your needs.

Can I extract a report with the data of my campaigns?

Contáctenos y hablemos de sus necesidades para que podamos ver cómo integrar las redes que necesita. Actualmente, AdsOutLoud le permite administrar sus campañas desde las principales redes de descubrimiento de contenido, como Outbrain.

You can select the time period and export data at any time.

Puede seleccionar el período de tiempo y exportar datos en cualquier momento.

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